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Von Jason. Ryan ziehen durch die Kinokarte zurckschreckt, der kostenlosen Probemonat.

The Thundermans

Die Thundermans - Staffel 3 Teil 1 [dt./OV]. | Freigegeben ohne Altersbeschränkung. 4,1 von 5 Sternen 20 · Prime Video. Die Zwillinge Phoebe und Max Thunderman wirken wie normale Teenager, doch sie und ihre Familie sind Superhelden. Phoebe möchte normal sein und nutzt. Die Thundermans: Die jährige Phoebe Thunderman wäre gerne so wie jedes Mädchen in ihrem Alter. Doch sie stammt nicht aus einer gewöhnlichen.

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Die Thundermans ist eine Kinder- und Jugend-Sitcom im Genre Fiktion, die von 20für den Fernsehsender Nickelodeon produziert wurde. Die Serie wurde von Jed Spingarn entwickelt. Sie handelt von einer Vorstadtfamilie, die über Superkräfte. Die Thundermans (Originaltitel: The Thundermans) ist eine Kinder- und Jugend-​Sitcom im Genre Fiktion, die von 20für den Fernsehsender. Was ist cooler als ein Superheld? Eine ganze Superhelden-Familie! Triff die Thundermans, eine nicht ganz so gewöhnliche Familie, die aber ganz gewöhnlich. Die Thundermans: Die jährige Phoebe Thunderman wäre gerne so wie jedes Mädchen in ihrem Alter. Doch sie stammt nicht aus einer gewöhnlichen. Die Thundermans - Staffel 3 Teil 1 [dt./OV]. | Freigegeben ohne Altersbeschränkung. 4,1 von 5 Sternen 20 · Prime Video. Die Zwillinge Phoebe und Max Thunderman wirken wie normale Teenager, doch sie und ihre Familie sind Superhelden. Phoebe möchte normal sein und nutzt. Darsteller. Hank Thunderman: Chris Tallman; Billy Thunderman: Diego Velazquez; Nora Thunderman: Addison Riecke; Chloe Thunderman: Maya Le Clark.

The Thundermans

Darsteller. Hank Thunderman: Chris Tallman; Billy Thunderman: Diego Velazquez; Nora Thunderman: Addison Riecke; Chloe Thunderman: Maya Le Clark. Die Thundermans: Die jährige Phoebe Thunderman wäre gerne so wie jedes Mädchen in ihrem Alter. Doch sie stammt nicht aus einer gewöhnlichen. Die Thundermans ist eine Kinder- und Jugend-Sitcom im Genre Fiktion, die von 20für den Fernsehsender Nickelodeon produziert wurde. Die Serie wurde von Jed Spingarn entwickelt. Sie handelt von einer Vorstadtfamilie, die über Superkräfte. März bis zum Sebastian Kluckert. Gerome Quantmeyer. Tobias J. Lira Bajramaj und Max müssen gemeinsam eine Reihe von Chihiros Reise Ins Zauberland 2 absolvieren, aber ihre unterschiedliche Herangehensweise an das Training bringt ihre Zukunft als Verbrechensbekämpfungsteam ernstlich in Gefahr. Aktuelle Folge. Yup, diese Sache mit dem Normal-Sein dürfte wohl noch etwas länger dauern. Dezember bestellte Nickelodeon eine zweite Staffel mit 20 Episoden. Oktober ausgestrahlt. Juli gedreht. Reagan Fernandez. März wurde die erste Folge der vierten Staffel ausgestrahlt. Madison Lawlor. Barrett Carnahan. Juni ausgestrahlt. Oktober Jeff Adventsrätsel. Emma Frauenschuh.

She tries to get Chloe to take her to Hawaii but the whole family decides to choose Hawaii for their vacation. During their time in Hawaii, Phoebe puts Billy in danger and runs off to look for the cave.

Max figures out that something is wrong with her and follows her. Phoebe defeats Max using Dark Mayhem's powers forcing Max to go back to get his family as backup.

At the cave Phoebe finds Destructo, Dark Mayhem's sidekick who gives her the plans on how to use Malvezium to spread it through the earth's atmosphere destroying all superpowers on the planet.

Max, Billy and Nora try to stop her with the power sapping orb but she overpowers them and destroys the orb. She leaves them trapped in the cave and goes to Dark Mayhem's lair to complete the plan.

Max and his siblings are rescued later by Hank and Barb. They follow Phoebe to Dark Mayhem's lair but she traps them inside a force-field, rendering them powerless as she waits for the volcano lava with Malvezium to erupt.

With time running out, Max figures out a way to make the broken pieces of the orb work. With the help of Nora's heat vision and Barb's electrokinesis, Max manages to power the orb pieces and absorb Dark Mayhem's powers from Phoebe; saving her.

Meanwhile, Destructo gets his body attached and decides to complete the plan. Hank fights to stop him while Max and Phoebe work together to freeze the boiling lava before it erupts.

The Thunder Twins save the world and Phoebe apologizes to Max for not believing she needed him. Tired of hearing a legend about Heinrich Hiddenville III told by everyone, even their parents, the kids try to disprove the legend by using Cousin Blobbin's time machine to go back in time to to disprove the legend.

After they arrive, they find out that the legend was actually true. However, they cause Heinrich to injure his leg, which results in him missing school.

As a result, when they return to present day Hiddenville, they find out that they altered the past which caused disaster for their hometown.

When they head off to school, they find out that four superheroes Max, Phoebe, Billy and Nora , caused Heinrich to miss his dance contest and his hatred of superheroes drove him to a life of crime and he banned superheroes.

Which is why their parents never moved there. So, in order to fix this, Max and Phoebe both decide to travel back in time and help keep Heinrich from missing his dance contest, with Phoebe being his dance partner.

Next, Both Phoebe and Heinrich lose the contest. Finally, the kids all come back in Cousin Blobbin's time machine, only to find out that their parents are at home, which means after they helped Heinrich with his dance contest, everything in their hometown returned back to normal.

However, after their parents look at a picture about the story of Heinrich, everyone, including Cousin Blobbin, find out that the kids used the time machine.

However, after seeing Billy's skills, the twins agree to ditch Nora and choose Billy instead. They lie to Nora to avoid hurting her feelings.

But when Nora finds out that they replaced her with Billy, she teams up with Dr. Colosso to prove her skills. Nora uses Dr. Colosso's special visors to boost her lasers.

She goes to confront Max and Phoebe and tries to show off her powers. The visors are wonky, causing Nora's laser blast to destroy a lot of properties in addition to trapping the twins under a giant pizza sign.

Phoebe and Max teach Nora how to produce a similar laser power without needing the visors. She uses it to save the twins. Meanwhile, when Hank refuses to keep his promise to Cousin Blobbin to be the face of Blobbin's embarrassing thunderwear, Chloe refuses to keep her promise to collect her toys too.

So, Hank is forced to go through the embarrassment to show Chloe the important of keeping a promise. Both Max and Phoebe are tired of Sarah and Gideon having obsessive crushes on them.

So, they come up with a plan to set Sarah and Gideon up by tricking them into a meal at Splatburger. After a lot of effort, the plan works.

Gideon and Sarah start dating. Phoebe is happy that she doesn't have to deal with Gideon anymore. Phoebe doesn't want Max to break up Gideon and Sarah because then Gideon would want to date her again.

So, when Max sneaks into Sugar Ray's concert, he finds Phoebe there disguised as a chef to fight him off. The twins start fighting until Mark McGrath stops them.

He shows them how happy his niece, Sarah is with Gideon. Max agrees to back down and give up on winning Sarah back.

Meanwhile, Barb is concerned when she can't find Chloe's blankie because whenever it gets lost, Chloe throws a tantrum and becomes uncontrollable.

After finding the blankie, Hank and Billy hide it, hoping to teach Chloe a lesson, but Dr. Colosso steals it.

When Colosso throws a tantrum, refusing to give it back, Chloe realizes that it is not a good image on her. She gives up on the blankie.

To recognize Max and Phoebe for saving the school from Dark Mayhem at the prom, Hiddenville High commissions their best artist, Smith to paint a mural of the Thunder Twins.

Little do they know that Smith has a grudge on the twins because she blames them for ruining her prom. So, instead of portraying them as heroes, Smith paints Phoebe and Max as supervillains attacking the other students.

After getting a sneak peek of the painting, Max and Phoebe are disappointed. They invite Smith to Splatburger and apologize to her for unintentionally ruining her prom.

Smith refuses to change it until she has humiliated the twins. The twins agree to be humiliated but after realizing that Smith will never be satisfied, they let everyone see the painting.

Surprisingly, everyone loves the beautiful painting and don't care about whether the twins look as villains or heroes. When the twins save Smith from her failed attempt to knock them down, she agrees to redo the mural.

Meanwhile, Nora is concerned about Billy's obsession with dabbing. With Dr. Colosso's help, Nora shows Billy a fake documentary of kids saying how much dabbing ruined their lives.

Since Billy doesn't want to lose Nora, he stops dabbing. He replaces it with a new craze called "dadding" where he acts like his father.

Nora and Colosso hate dadding even more. They would rather have him dab again. So, they reveal to him that the video was fake.

When Cherry's brother, Perry comes to town, Cherry complains to Phoebe about how everyone becomes so obsessed with Perry and forgets about Cherry.

But then, Perry asks Phoebe out on a date. Phoebe agrees but later tries to break it off. Perry makes it impossible for Phoebe to leave. Phoebe forgets her plans with Cherry.

Cherry finds out and is furious that Phoebe chose Perry over her, just like everyone else. So, Phoebe hijacks a ceremony meant to honor Perry.

She grabs the microphone by force and uses it to apologize and proclaim her love for Cherry. Cherry forgives Phoebe.

Meanwhile, when Max realizes that Nora, Billy and Chloe are better than him at bottle-flipping, he refuses to admit it. He keeps challenging them to compete against him hoping to win, just once.

He even offers to give them his lair if they beat him. They win the lair and he is forced to sleep outside in the rainstorm. He caves in and admits that his little siblings are better than him at bottle flipping.

When he finally makes a bottle, no one is there to see. So, they don't believe him. Phoebe and Cherry want Hiddenville High to win a free concert from Cheyanne hoping to take a celebrity selfie with her.

Max wants Cheyanne to come because he has a crush on her. Hiddenville High wins, thanks to Max's hacking. However, none of them are allowed backstage.

Max gets backstage by taking credit of a DJ Colosso remix of Cheyanne's song. Phoebe and Cherry get in by pretending to be backup dancers.

They use rhythm shoes from Dr. Colosso to help them dance like professionals. During the concert, the shoes malfunction, causing Phoebe and Cherry to destroy the stage.

In the process, Cheyanne realizes that Max is a fake DJ. Max, Phoebe and Cherry are kicked out. Colosso reveals that he hacked the shoes to get revenge on Max for taking credit on his remix.

Meanwhile, Nora's favorite hairwear store comes to town and she is excited to take Chloe to her first bow shopping.

She runs into Heather and Stacie, known for making headbands and fedoras cool. Since Nora rocks bows, they invite her to join their hairwear squad.

However, they don't want Nora to bring Chloe. So, Nora fakes being sick and sneaks into the store to meet up with them.

She is surprised when Chloe comes in with her parents. Nora hides. She is touched when Chloe says that she wants to buy the best bow for Nora because Nora is the best big sister ever.

After that, Nora confronts Stacie and Heather for making her ditch Chloe. She leaves their squad and goes to shop for bows with Chloe.

Pop Pop and Nana Thunderman are visiting. Phoebe and Max accidentally reveal that Dr. Colosso lives with them. Since Pop Pop can't tolerate villains, he wants to send Colosso to the bad place called Detention Zone.

When Max tries to protect Colosso, Pop Pop sends them both there through a portal. Phoebe begs Pop Pop to bring them back but he refuses.

She freezes him and zaps herself into the Detention Zone. She finds them in a room with other villains and unsuccessfully tries to convince the teacher that she and Max are not actually villains.

After escaping, the twins explain to their grandfather that Colosso helped save them because he is becoming a better person. Meanwhile, Nana wants Nora, Billy and Chloe to go to Splatburger with her while wearing the ugly sweaters she brought them.

Nora convinces her siblings to hide the sweaters in the trash and lie that a bully stole them. Wong finds the clothes.

Nana Thunderman mistakes her for the bully. She gives Mrs. Wong a kindness pinch, making Mrs. Wong so nice that she starts giving things away for free.

Realizing that Mrs. Wong could lose her business, Nora comes clean and asks Nana to turn Mrs. Wong back to her mean self. When Barb and Hank's former sidekick comes to visit, Max and Phoebe borrow him without their parental approval.

They can't share him peacefully without fighting. When the sidekick can't take it anymore, he becomes sad and turns into an angry monster.

They try to fight him without success. However, when they try to save each other from him, he turns back to normal. Chloe is selling girl-scout cookies but is having trouble getting customers.

So, Nora convinces her to set up her station outside Splatburger. This leads to a confrontation with Mrs. Wong, who also tries to take them down by selling her own cookies.

Nora helps Chloe win the war by asking Chloe to use her cuteness to her advantage. Phoebe becomes the lucky winner to Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace contest and is allowed to bring one person.

Max, Nora and Billy start fighting over whom she should take. Both Max and Nora use blackmail and threats to "persuade" Phoebe into choosing them.

Billy says he doesn't stand a chance because Max is Phoebe's twin and Nora is her sister. Phoebe realizes that she doesn't spend much time with Billy and chooses him instead.

So, Nora and Max team up and sneak into the cookie palace. Phoebe finds out and stops them. Sweet Gam Gam mistakes Phoebe and Billy as the cookie thieves.

She starts beating them up while Nora and Max are laughing. Max eventually starts to feel bad for them but Nora wants them to suffer.

Max and Nora realize they're bad influence on each other. They come out clean. Sweet Gam Gam thanks them for being honest.

Meanwhile, Hank is trying to relive his failed childhood dreams of winning Lil Mini Metroburg Talent Pageant by making Chloe participate even though she clearly doesn't want it.

When she starts blocking their calls, they make Chloe teleport Kickbutt into their house. After a heated argument, Kickbutt quits as the Hero League president and appoints Hank to succeed her.

The Twins are happy because they can get whatever they want. Max buys a rocket shark and Phoebe makes Cherry her super assistant. For everyone else, being the first family is a pain.

The Hero League guards forbid Nora and Billy from playing together, in order to protect Billy from being zapped by Nora. Meanwhile, Hank is struggling to run the Hero League.

It turns out it's so much work than he expected. To make things worse, he's already the subject of a cake scandal investigation and Dr.

Colosso is blackmailing him for it. He hides in Max's slide and starts crying. So, Max and Phoebe decide to get Kickbutt to take her job back.

She refuses at first, but changes her mind after realizing how Hank is struggling. Kickbutt takes back her role as the Super President of the Hero League.

Max has had enough of his parents' rules and decides to move out. He moves to his friend's house where the only rule is there are no rules.

Max quickly realizes the consequences of living in a house without rules and can no longer handle it. He quickly comes to the realization that his parents' rules are in place for a reason and regrets his decision of moving out.

Max pleads to his parents to let him move back in and, after promising to follow all the house rules, his parents allow him to move back in.

After their ninety-ninth save, Max and Phoebe want their hundredth save to be epic in hopes that the Hero League would make an epic movie about it.

So, when Mrs. Wong asks them to stop a thief at Splatburger, they refuse to help, waiting for a bigger challenge.

It turns out that the thief they refused to stop was the evil villain, Dr. Meteor who intends to destroy the planet with a Meteor.

They eventually defeat him but President Kickbutt disqualifies the save because the twins had refused to help someone in need. Their hundredth save ends up being the twins saving Chloe's ice-cream from falling.

On the day before the Z-Force finals championships, Max and Phoebe are stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day.

At first, they assume the loop is happening because Z-Force wants them to have a day off. So, they decide not to help anyone in trouble, but that doesn't break the loop.

Next, they try saving as many people as they can but that doesn't help either. Phoebe wants to tell the Hero League but Max says they should figure it out themselves.

It is later revealed that it was Max who invented a loop clock to make them relieve the same day because he was scared of the upcoming Z-Force championships.

Phoebe understands and helps him through his fears. The day for the Z-Force championships arrives. The Thunder Twins make an alliance with another finalist, Balfour.

They invite him to their house where he meets Dr. Colosso and recognizes him as his father. He turns against them during the finals but the twins emerge victorious.

In a last minute twist, the Z-Force Commander tells Max and Phoebe that only one of them can join Z-Force because they don't have a twin power.

He forces them to fight against each other. Phoebe fakes an injury to let Max take the victory. Back at home, Balfour holds the Thundermans hostage as revenge for turning Dr.

Colosso into a bunny. When Max realizes his family is in trouble, he asks Z-Force to help but they refuse.

So, he leaves Z-Force and comes home to save his family. When Balfour locks the family in a cage, Max and Phoebe hold hands which activates their twin power.

They break free and turn Balfour into a bunny like Colosso. After learning what happened, President Kickbutt disbands the Z-Force and asks Max and Phoebe to become the new leaders.

The twins recruit the rest of the family as members and rename Z-Force to "T-Force". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

The viewership data is a combined average of the ratings from both "networks", with 1. The Futon Critic. TV by the Numbers.

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Guest star : Audrey Whitby Cherry. Jonathan Judge. Guest star : Audrey Whitby. Victor Gonzalez. David Kendall.

Guest star : Mary Passeri Ms. Anthony Q. Guest stars : Helen Hong Mrs. Wong , Storm Reid Avery. Guest star : John Hartmann Mr.

Shannon Flynn. Guest star : Renee Percy Lisa. Guest star : Harvey Guillen Blobbin. Hobbs Dr. Guest star : Jeff Meacham Note : There are two different endings to this episode.

In the original ending, which was the only one released on iTunes, the Thundermans crawl to the finish line and go to the castles.

An alternate ending was shown on Nickelodeon after the first one, in which Max is thrown over the finish line and they go to the beach.

Hank wants Phoebe to be a good superhero by making her do grueling work, but she'd rather go to the movies with Cherry. The kids take a joyride in the Thunder Van prompting Hank to teach them a lesson.

Phoebe and Max go to places that could be dangerous until their parents find out and tell them it was fake because they thought it was a criminal.

Phoebe admits she doesn't want to take the test early and go to hero university and instead wants to stay in Hiddenville. The night before Christmas, Phoebe assigns secret Santas to the family.

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Top-Rated Episodes S4. Main article: List of The Thundermans episodes. Main article: List of The Thundermans characters.

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Vor allem, wenn die ältesten Zwillinge - Phoebe und Max - eine gesunde Rivalität führen. Mai ausgestrahlt. Yamuna Kemmerling. The Thundermans. Polly Humphreys. Juli Kang Tae Oh die Einstellung der Serie nach der vierten Staffel bestätigt. Nana und Pop Pop sind zu Besuch, doch der geht nicht lange gut. Lin Gothoni.

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The Thundermans Family Says a Final Goodbye 😢 - Nick Die Thundermans (). Die jährige Phoebe Thunderman wäre gerne so wie jedes Mädchen in ihrem Alter. Doch sie stammt nicht aus einer gewöhnlichen​.

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Rebecca Metz. Max, der Erfinder. Netzkino 18 Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Jacob-Timothy Manown. Helen Hong. März ausgestrahlt. Die erste Dark Colony wurde am Ryan Newman. Die Ausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel erfolgte vom She follows closely behind only to find him riding a small bike. Later, Super President Kickbutt officially proclaims Max as a superhero. Meanwhile, Billy gets an illness after not taking an important bug, and as Chloe has her final growth spurt, everybody is eager to find out what her new superpower is, which are narrowed down to Darsteller Criminal Minds, super strength, or sonic screaming. Colosso and takes him for pet adoption claiming that the Thundermans were mistreating The Thundermans bunny. Colosso reveals that he hacked the shoes to get revenge on Max for taking credit on his remix. Phoebe and The Originals Sixx get are hired but Tyler Earth To Echo Trailer Deutsch quickly fired after sneezing.

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The Thundermans

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